Virtual Host Rules:
  1. Only one vHost is allowed per user.
  2. No *IRCHighWay* vHosts.
  3. A vHost may contain only a-z, A-Z, 0-9, '-' and '.'.
  4. Due to technical reasons, all vHosts must be composed of at least 3 characters, not including the dots.
  5. vHosts that look like encrypted hosts on this network are not allowed.
  6. No *operator* *ircop* or *services* vHosts or any other service related name.
  7. No vHosts may contain a channel name.
  8. No vHosts will be accepted at all if they contain ANY unsuitable language or violate the AUP in any way.
  9. If you request a vHost that another user already use, it will not be assigned to you unless that one user agrees.
  10. No vHosts may contain a valid TLD (Top Level Domain, any .com, .net, .edu, and Country Code, etc) extension.
  11. No IPs that point to IRCHighWay's IRC or any .gov or .mil agency.
  12. Using a vHost to ban walk will result in its removal and the person being banned.
  13. IPv6 vHosts are not permitted or supported at this time.
  14. If at some point you want a new vHost, please know that such a request will generally not be considered if your existing vHost has been assigned to you less than 90 days prior to your new request.
  15. Network reserves the right to reject any vHost at anytime.
A vHost request may take up to 72 hours or maybe more to be processed.

In order to apply for your Vhost use:
  • /msg HostServ REQUEST vhost

    Last Update: March 24, 2006.